AGEMERA partner joins the Raw Materials Summit in Brussels

AGEMERA partner joins the Raw Materials Summit in Brussels

Our project partner TalTech was present at the EIT RawMaterials Summit in Brussels 

Only a few days after the AGEMERA General Assembly meeting in Zagreb, between 15 and 17 May 2023, our Estonian partner TalTech, through its team members Veiko Karu and Tony Hand, took part in the EIT Raw Materials Summit. This is a flagship event of EIT RawMaterials - the world's largest consortium in the raw materials sector - and it's taking place in Brussels, bringing together key experts, practitioners, and other stakeholders, from researchers and educators, to policy makers, NGOs, and leading players in the international raw materials industry. The sessions covered many topics on pressing issues, including:

  • The ways in which the Critical Raw Materials Act will impact Europe and how it's expected to reform the industry and bring technological advantage
  • Mapping future supply needs to achieve the Green Deals goals and prevent disruptions
  • The security risks related to raw materials import overdependency

We are grateful to TalTech for representing us among such distinguished players in the raw materials arena and excited to bring our own contribution to the diversification of the supply chains! 


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