In today's day and age, the amount of data is growing exponentially. Geophysical sensors provide enormous amounts of 2D and 3D time-series data describing surface and subsurface conditions and Earth observation satellites and their derivatives are measured in enormous quantities. All that data is hard to collect and painful to analyse by human analysts. One of the main barriers is the high complexity of the acquisition, storage and processing of observational data, making its use and re-use in various commercial applications difficult.
To facilitate the growing needs, with the help of integrated spatio-temporal Analysis Ready Datacubes (ARDs) and data fusion, one of AGEMERA project outputs is the AGEMERA Geo-Suite GUI (Graphical User Interface). Its main goal is to visualise 2D and 3D innovative non-invasive geophysical surveying methods to facilitate quantifying the CRM (Critical Raw Material) potential in the EU in order to raise public awareness about the importance of a secure, sustainable and responsibly sourced supply of CRMs in the EU

Targeted areas of interest in the AGEMERA project include: 

  • Orogenic gold with atypical metal associations

    Petäjäinen and Oikarainen in Finland
  • Karst bauxite deposits

    Jajce and Posusje in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Volcanic-hosted massive sulphide

    Mina Concepción, Spain
  • Greisen - lithium

    Zinnwald in Germany
  • Strata-bound type copper and silver deposits

    Lubin in Poland
  • Porphyry copper system and iron oxide copper-gold

    Panagyurishte and Rossen districts in Bulgaria
  • Sediment-hosted stratiform copper

    Copperbelt and Solwezi Domes in Zambia
Following videos show examples of multi-source visualisation of derivatives of optical and radar open-source satellite EOD (Earth Observation Data) and airborne geophysical data (Geological Survey of Finland, 2022 modified by Radai Ltd. for Tepsä and Kittilä, Finland). Additionally, the platform can process and visualise full 3D objects, shown with an example of 3D MUON measurements (MUON Solutions datasets from Bauxite Mines Jajce, Bosnia-Hercegovina).