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By 2050, through its ambitious Green Deal strategy, the EU has set out to achieve climate neutrality by transitioning to a more modern, sustainable, and resilient economy. This will not be possible without a steady and secure supply of the so-called critical raw materials (CRMs): metals and minerals that are vital across multiple industries. 

The AGEMERA university courses focus on the impact of CRMs in relation with the green and digital transition. Furthermore, the courses aim to help students in understanding the whole value chain of CRMs concerning sustainable production within Europe. 

Thematic focus

Rare earth elements (REEs) Battery raw materials (BRMs)


And how... 

They contribute to our modern lifestyles
They contribute to the green and digital transition
They impact the geopolitical landscape and can give birth to socio-environmental concerns 
They are related to sustainable reporting standards: UNFC and UNRMS 
Further geo-engineering information and economic and marketing aspects

You should apply if... 

  • You are a university student - all specialisations are welcome
  • You are curious to learn more about critical raw materials and why they are so important to our everyday life and overall economy 
  • You want to gain a better understanding of today’s opportunities and challenges related to mineral exploration and mining in Europe
  • You want to benefit from lectures taught by experts from reputable European institutions
  • You want to learn about the United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC) and the UN Resource Management Sysem and why they are important 


  • Freedom to learn online, from the comfort of  your home
  • Access to specialised literature
  • Support from a tutor
  • Prominent guest speakers
  • Certificate of attendance
  • ECTS certification upon successful completion

Universities involved


Opal – Bildungsportal Sachsen 
(TU Bergakademie Freiberg) 



The gap between winter 2023/2024 
and Summer 2024 semesters 



For more information, contact:
Georg Meißner
Md Ariful Islam