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Through its ambitious Green Deal Strategy, the EU has set out to transform its economy and make it more modern, sustainable, and resilient. But in order to achieve this goal, the EU must increase its capacity to rely on itself. One way to do this is by ensuring socially, environmentally responsible sourcing of critical raw materials. 
Our story

But what are Critical Raw Materials?

Critical Raw Materials (in short: CRM) are those resources that hold a key role in the European economy, being widely used in a variety of industries, but their supply comes at a high risk. The European Commission has published a list of 30 raw materials it views as critical: some examples include lithium, titanium, natural rubber, and magnesium. Not only are these resources scarce and hard to substitute because of their unique properties, but our domestic pool of raw materials is quite low, which translates into a heavy reliance on imports from countries outside of Europe - a threat to Europe’s autonomy and resilience in the long run. 

To understand the crucial role CRM play in our modern world, here’s a look at just some of the sectors that depend on access to them: 

Here’s where AGEMERA comes into play…

Our project reunites partners from academia, business, and the mineral exploration industry, with the core mission of increasing access to primary raw materials and boosting Europe’s resilience.
We aim to: 
Partner Countries
4700 km2
Land surveyed
5 million
People reached by 2030