Building a resilient Europe through
responsible mineral exploration

We use innovative methods and technologies to unlock the EU’s resource potential, improve public knowledge of the role of critical raw materials in the modern world, and promote environmentally and socially friendly mineral exploration. 

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What We Do

We assess current resource potential by using innovative approaches to identify new areas of exploration across the EU and beyond

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We survey the local communities' concerns and hopes related to mineral exploration and mining. The anonymised results will be published. 

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We raise awareness of critical raw materials and their significance for our modern world by developing an educational package for schools and universities 

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Who we are

We are a group of research institutions, SMEs, and mineral exploration companies, working on improving knowledge of mining and mineral exploration and increasing access to and supply of critical raw materials in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner.

We use state-of-the-art methods and technologies to gain an understanding of known mineral deposits and discover new ones. Through our project, we join the mission of strengthening the autonomy of the EU by boosting knowledge of and acting on its resource potential. 

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Who we are
To match the demand for minerals and support the EU's raw material autonomy, the domestic potential for critical raw materials needs to be understood - but also the people's concerns, fears, and hopes related to the mineral sector. This is our main focus in AGEMERA.
Jari Joutsenvaara
Project Leader, University of Oulu, Finland

Latest news and events

  • AGEMERA present at the Mining Indaba event

    AGEMERA partners joined the Mining Indaba event in South Africa and took the opportunity to discuss about the project with participants 

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  • AGEMERA reconaissance trip to Mina Concepción

    Another AGEMERA field trip took place, this time in Spain, to visit the facilities of Mina Concepción (Huelva region)

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  • AGEMERA team visits site in Poland

    A muography system was installed in a mine in Lubin, Poland, during AGEMERA's first field trip of 2023

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  • First Trial Site Visit in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    AGEMERA project partners come together for the first field trip in the project

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  • AGEMERA kicks off in Oulu, Finland

    AGEMERA partners reunite in Finland to discuss the project's objectives and plan future steps 

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  • Press Release: Europe and its green and digital transition: where and how to get the necessary critical raw materials?

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