Building a resilient Europe through
responsible mineral exploration

We use innovative methods and technologies to unlock the EU’s resource potential, improve public knowledge of the role of critical raw materials in the modern world, and promote environmentally and socially friendly mineral exploration. 

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What We Do

We assess current resource potential by using innovative approaches to identify new areas of exploration across the EU and beyond

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We survey the local communities' concerns and hopes related to mineral exploration and mining. The anonymised results will be published. 

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We raise awareness of critical raw materials and their significance for our modern world by developing an educational package for schools and universities 

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Who we are

We are a group of research institutions, SMEs, and mineral exploration companies, working on improving knowledge of mining and mineral exploration and increasing access to and supply of critical raw materials in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner.

We use state-of-the-art methods and technologies to gain an understanding of known mineral deposits and discover new ones. Through our project, we join the mission of strengthening the autonomy of the EU by boosting knowledge of and acting on its resource potential. 

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Who we are
To match the demand for minerals and support the EU's raw material autonomy, the domestic potential for critical raw materials needs to be understood - but also the people's concerns, fears, and hopes related to the mineral sector. This is our main focus in AGEMERA.
Jari Joutsenvaara
Project Leader, University of Oulu, Finland

Latest news and events

  • AGEMERA industry partner joins environment-focused conference in Etropole, Bulgaria

    One of our industry partners, Asarel-Medet, a Bulgarian company activating in copper extraction and production, has recently taken part in a national conference on the topic of responsible mining and took advantage of the opportunity to present AGEMERA's mission and role in the twin transition

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  • AGEMERA in the Sofia Science Festival

    Our Bulgarian partners joined the Sofia Science Festival in May and boosted our visibility among new audiences 

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  • AGEMERA at FEM 2023

    A few of our project partners went to the FEM conference in Levi, Finland, and made sure to showcase AGEMERA to the other participants from the exploration and mining sector

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  • AGEMERA partners take part in the Winter School of Rock Mechanics and Geoengineering

    We've joined the Winter School of Rock Mechanics and Geoengineering once again this year, with a presentation showcasing our muographic measurements in the Lubin mine

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  • AGEMERA featured in the University of Zagreb exhibition

    As we are collaborating with the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering in our consortium, one of our colleagues from there took the chance to present AGEMERA in the University's exhibition

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  • AGEMERA Field Trip in Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina

    Our field work continues, with partners going on a field trip to southeastern Europe to look into karst bauxite deposits 

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  • AGEMERA takes part in ZIMEC 2023

    ZIMEC (The Zambia International Mining & Energy Conference) is a key event in the field of exploration in Africa

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  • AGEMERA partner publishes new scientific paper with a case study on the Polish Deep Copper Mine

    The paper is drawing from the AGEMERA's work in Poland and it presents a simplified analytical method useful for ductile ground support design in underground mines 

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  • AGEMERA is part of the SuperCluster Lapland Geoconference in Rovaniemi

    Several project partners joined the first edition of the SuperCluster meeting organised by EIS in Rovaniemi, Finland to build valuable connections with fellow projects, initiatives and colleagues in the sector 

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  • AGEMERA present at the TERRA conference in Germany

    We are happy to have participated in the first edition of the TERRA conference exploring future challenges in the raw materials sector 

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